Am I in a Bad Relationship? – Key Signs to Tell if You Are in a Bad Relationship

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“Am I in a bad relationship?” If you are asking yourself that question, unfortunately the answer has a good chance of being “yes”. Often times, people search out our blog for advice on getting back together after a breakup, but it is commonly more important to work on improving or repairing your relationship before that occurs. But first, let’s answer your question and look at some key signs that will help to tell if you are in a bad relationship.

If you are in a bad relationship, you are most likely experiencing these symptoms:

  • Your spouse or partner seems to constantly put you down in front of other people
  • Your spouse or partner may be controlling: checking your mail or phone, showing up at places where you are at unexpectedly to check up on you
  • Your spouse or partner may tell you they love you, but their actions may speak otherwise
  • Your spouse or partner has led you to change things about yourself in order to please them
  • Your spouse or partner seems to be trying to make you dependent upon them

People that exhibit these tendencies or symptoms upon their mate tend to have a “toxic” feeling about them. They are people that others don’t particularly enjoy being around. You may have noticed your friends no longer invite the two of you to join them in public anymore.

If you indeed can identify with these symptoms, you may be wondering how did you get here? No one in their right mind would willing enter into a bad relationship. I am confident in saying that at first the relationship was most likely just fine.

Bad relationships often start out great, but they have a cycle to them. They have a great period, followed by a blow up, followed after that by making up. It is not until after a few of these cycles occur that you begin to wonder if you are indeed in a relationship that you should be in at all. Further complicating things is that a bad relationship can often be a hard one to get out of.

If at this point in reading you have come to the conclusion that you are indeed in a bad relationship, you have two choices: break off the relationship and start anew, or work to resolve the problems and improve things. Let’s look closer at both choices.

Breaking off a bad relationship – You DO have options

Often times it may not seem obvious, but you DO have options. You DO NOT need to stay in a relationship that is making you unhappy or is harmful to you. It is common for people that stay in bad relationships to be suffering from a low self-esteem due to the bad relationship or had it even before things started.

It is also common for the culprit in a bad relationship to blame you for what is wrong. They may exhibit narcissistic tendencies. They may feel that they are incapable of doing wrong. If you have bought into this premise, you need to realize that is not the case. Get back on your own two feet and come to grips with the realization that you CAN walk away. If it takes going to some sort of therapy to do so, then so be it. But if you are indeed in a toxic relationship that cannot be repaired, you are going to be much better off for doing so.

Repairing a bad relationship – It starts with YOU

Even if you are indeed experiencing the symptoms we outlined earlier, the good news is that many bad relationships can indeed be repaired. I will caution you that this is a two way street and your spouse or partner has to be willing to change, but first, you must get yourself right. You STILL have to prepare yourself to walk away from this bad relationship. You need to get yourself to the point where things either improve, or you are done. This needs to be genuine and is a critical element to having your mate correct what is wrong.

This does two things: it eliminates your dependency on your spouse or partner and they need to be convinced that they will lose you if they do not correct their ways.

This is simply a quick overview to help answer the question of “Am I in a bad relationship?”. If you are REALLY serious about improving or breaking off your bad relationship, before you do anything else, you need to watch this video: Watch Video Now.

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