In today’s world of social media and technology, the number of people dealing with an emotional affair is as high as it has ever been. How to cope when you have uncovered an emotional affair being had by your spouse is a question that I get very frequently. If you are reading this, chances are

All relationships involve disagreements and indeed arguments from time to time. It is common for couples who have been married for a significant period of time to have what could be termed a “Groundhog Day” issue. You may remember the movie where Bill Murray woke up day after day after day and lived the same

If you are reading this post today, then you are looking for advice on how to save your relationship. The fact that you have reached this state of mind means that your relationship is not where you want it to be or indeed has come apart. We will look at what is needed to save

“How do I get my lover back?” If you have recently been through a break up and it was not your idea, you may be asking yourself that question. Whether you think your chances are virtually non-existent or if you feel like there is a chance, read on and I will share with you four

“How can I save my relationship?” One of the more common questions I have had posed to me. And my response is typically the same each time…you first need to decide if it is indeed a relationship worth saving. Often times when someone has reached the point that you may have reached, they are panicked,

She decided to break up with you and now you are thinking to yourself, “What is the best way to get my ex girlfriend back?” Many of us guys have been there. And while there is no guaranteed, surefire method to get her to come back, here are 4 tips that will greatly improve your

“What should I do to get my ex boyfriend back?” You may be sitting there asking yourself that very question right now if you are reading this post. Whether you have just broken up recently, or some time has passed and you feel like you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to

Emotional infidelity. This is a term that is more and more frequently heard, especially with the advent of social media. But what exactly is emotional infidelity and is your marriage indeed at risk of having an emotional affair take place? Let’s explore the answers as you read on. What constitutes emotional infidelity? Emotional infidelity is

“Am I in a bad relationship?” If you are asking yourself that question, unfortunately the answer has a good chance of being “yes”. Often times, people search out our blog for advice on getting back together after a breakup, but it is commonly more important to work on improving or repairing your relationship before that

If you have landed on this article, you are most likely searching for an answer to the question, “How to get my lover back?” You most likely have just recently experienced a break up and you are hurting right now. The good news is that you can indeed get your lover back, but you need

How to get my ex to come back is a question often posed by those who just experienced a break up that they did not want or expect. If you are reading this right now, clearly the odds are that you are asking that question right now. Read further and we will look at some

Getting back together after a break up can be a touchy situation. So many emotions can be flying around in your head. It can often be hard to have a rational and calm thought regarding the situation. However, if you really want your ex back, it can be done and here are 3 steps that